Let Roxy Jacenko help you establish a brand that commands recognition, sparks enthusiasm and drives sales.

Roxy's Brand Bootcamp is THE ultimate course designed to help create powerful brands that cut through the noise. Whether embarking on a new business venture, honing your personal brand, scaling a burgeoning side project or propelling your established business to greater heights, this bootcamp will help elevate your brand beyond your wildest dreams.

Want to build a brand that outshines your competition and attracts a loyal fanbase? You're in luck!


  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Stand head and shoulders above your competitors - poised to take a generous slice of their market share. 
  • Cultivate a devoted fanbase eager to purchase your product or service - and how to grow that base organically through word of mouth. 
  • Amplify your social media presence, with customers or fans eagerly following your every move.
  • Boost your self-confidence so you can pursue any path you desire.


You don’t need any special advantages to get started.

Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp is led by the trailblazer herself - Roxy Jacenko unquestionably stands as one of Australia's most influential businesswomen and digital influencers, shaping the landscape of entrepreneurship with her visionary leadership and unwavering determination.

"Two decades ago, armed with just a computer, a phone and a fax machine, I started my first business. Fast forward to today and I've successfully established seven influential brands, amassing more than 268,000 Instagram followers along the way.

During my Brand Bootcamp, I'll unveil exactly how it’s done - my roadmap to success.
I'll equip you with all the tools you need to craft a standout brand -
together we will learn, grow and succeed.”


That’s why this course is for you.

You'll be able to take what I've learned and use it for whatever brand you want to create—whether it's your own business, a brand you're involved in or your personal brand.

There’s 10 million reasons to join me for my 2024 Brand Bootcamp. 


Building Your Foundation

First things first - you must establish a solid foundation before creating a powerful brand, be it personal or professional. So here’s what I have in store for you in Module 1.

  1. Strategies to distinguish your brand from competitors in the market.
  2. Unconventional strategies to make your brand highly shareable on social media. Helping you to understand why just being the best isn't sufficient anymore; and what else is essential for brand success.
  3. A surprising method for service businesses to offer "free money" to customers, leading to doubled returns. The "dying person's wallet" strategy to secure your brand as customers' first choice for who they spend their money with.
  4. Five straightforward methods today that instantly enhance your customers' brand experience.
  5. How to convert those who complain about your brand into enthusiastic advocates who will help promote you on social media.
  6. Navigating brand evolution without losing momentum - crucial for sustainable growth. Recognising the two types of Facebook posts that confuse your customers and make other brands less likely to work with you.
  7. Managing the addition of new product lines or service features without alienating loyal clients.
  8. Leveraging brand criticism to your advantage.
  9. A simple trick utilising an iPhone and glossy magazine to elevate the customer brand experience.
  10. Three effective methods for gathering honest feedback that people may not want to openly share.
  11. The critical five-second window that determines whether customers share your brand positively or leave negative reviews.
  12. Understanding why a contact form isn't ideal for soliciting feedback and discovering alternative approaches.
  13. Ethically incentivising feedback from reluctant participants.

In a nutshell? By the end of Module 1 you will…

  1. Understand what sets your brand apart for your customers, with a comprehensive plan to make every customer interaction a positive one.
  2. Learn to strategically manage your brand's evolution, eliminating all the guesswork.
  3. Equip yourself with the tools to gather valuable feedback from your audience to fuel your brand's growth.

Confidence and Networking

These are the two things I’m most renowned for… and I think you’ll be surprised by my advice when it comes to confidence and networking. We deep dive into all of this and more in Module 2, including;

  1. Mastering the art of instant confidence, even if you're not naturally self-assured.
  2. The one question you must have an answer to before attending any networking event.
  3. My six-word rule that guarantees you’ll never get caught short by a tricky question again.
  4. How to make an unforgettable impression on every person you meet.
  5. The subtle yet effective PR opportunities for your brand that often go unnoticed by others.
  6. The three keys that will persuade people to part with their money or time for you.
  7. My "home team" technique for maintaining confidence and composure in meetings.
  8. A straightforward way to permanently elevate your baseline confidence without relying on mind tricks.
  9. How to harness the power of collaboration to expand your audience.
  10. Why you should never go to a networking event before checking this one thing on a map.
  11. The one mistake that can ruin your networking groundwork.
  12. Four networking opportunities hiding in plain sight.
  13. How to set your prices when starting out.

In a nutshell? By the end of Module 2 you will…

  1. Have access to my failsafe playbook for cultivating confidence.
  2. Learn the secrets to networking like a pro.
  3. Understand how to spot collaboration opportunities that can elevate your brand - and execute them seamlessly.

Community and Content

It can be confusing knowing how to create a community around your brand and sharing content that resonates with them. So how do you build a cult following and, more importantly, keep them? I share all of my steps to community success with you in Module 3, including;

  1. Harnessing the power of your local community to amplify your brand presence with next to no financial investment.
  2. Building an extensive following organically, without resorting to bots or any other shortcuts.
  3. Debunking the myth that "content is king" and unveil what truly reigns supreme.
  4. Three strategies for crafting compelling content that leave your audience feeling connected.
  5. The art of curating your social media aesthetic by discerning which pictures to share - and which to keep in your camera roll.
  6. The right way to announce new services or products on your social media platforms.
  7. Four essential questions I ask to determine which content to post where.
  8. The value of closely observing your customers.
  9. Delving into whether purchasing followers is beneficial for your brand.
  10. Secrets to cultivate your own devoted cult following - the single most important thing you can do for your brand.

In a nutshell? By the end of Module 3 you will…

  1. Know who your on and offline community are - and how to best connect with them.
  2. Be creating high-quality content that drives engagement with your authentic community.
  3. Be able to build (and keep) a cult following of your very own.

Getting the Most out of Social Media

While most courses kick off with social media strategies, the reality is, they're merely superficial without putting solid brand foundations in place first. By the time you reach Module 4 however, you'll have established these foundations and be primed to overhaul your social media strategy. You’ll know…

  1. When NOT to use Instagram in your business.
  2. Which social media platforms to use and when - hint, hint, it’s not all of them all the time.
  3. Why not to post the same content on two social media platforms.
  4. Exactly how many times to post per day on socials.
  5. The scientific reason why you should never post a colourful video in the morning.
  6. The optimal times to post on social media, capitalising on your audience's subconscious tendencies when they're most inclined to make a purchase.
  7. Six “social media sins” that will get you unfollowed.
  8. How to “social media-proof” your business..
  9. The one time 1,000 followers is better than 1,000,000.
  10. My insiders’ guide to successfully using influencers to boost your brand.
  11. Why I’m already thinking about life after Instagram … and why I recommend you do the same.
  12. The biggest mistake you can make on social media.
  13. Why working with big influencers can sometimes be detrimental to your brand.

In a nutshell? By the end of Module 4 you will…

  1. Know exactly which social media platforms will serve your brand best - and how to use them to your advantage.
  2. Have an insiders’ guide to the world of influencer marketing - and how you can utilise it to boost your brand.
  3. Have a powerful brand that will survive long after we’ve moved onto the next social media trend.


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I’ve spent the past 20+ years working in PR, media and marketing. And now, seven businesses and 268,000 Instagram followers later, I’m here to share my recipe for success.

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Train with me, Roxy - an entrepreneur who has learnt on the go; who has spent the last 16 years dominating the PR world and the past 10 in social media. What you’ll learn in my Brand Bootcamp isn’t theory, it’s experience.

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