The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind

An exclusive 8-month Mastermind experience with Roxy Jacenko.

For business owners, high performers and creative entrepreneurs.

Create the business and life of your dreams.
It’s time to stop making excuses and make it happen.

After working with thousands of business owners over the years, I’ve learnt the biggest struggle for most is - execution.

Because there’s a huge difference between knowing what you should be doing to grow your business, thinking about it and actually doing it.

I have no doubt that if you’re here reading this, you’re capable of big things. You’re highly driven. You’re smart. And you’ve got an incredible business… it just isn’t what you know it can be - yet.

And perhaps….

  • You feel like you should be posting more on social media but you overthink every single post. And let’s not count how many Reels you’ve got in draft mode.
  • You’ve got a good idea of what you need to do to grow your business, but you get stuck in an endless loop of procrastination and struggle to get started.
  • Perfectionism holds you back. You’ve got high standards but sometimes, it slows you down.
  • When you see other businesses killing it in your niche, you feel quitely frustrated. You know what you offer is better but you just aren’t getting the traction you want.
  • You feel like you spend more time working in your business than on your business - that is, you’re caught up in the everyday details and feel like there’s never enough time to work on those big, strategic ideas that would be a game changer for your business.

If any of that resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

Just imagine where you could be in 8 months of focused, dedicated commitment to working on your business, focusing on the things that actually matter?

With the accountability and support from me to make it happen?

It’s time to stop dreaming about the business you know you can create and commit to making it happen.

For the first time ever, I’m giving you the opportunity to work with me and get my eyes on your business. Think…

Personalised feedback, ruthless accountability, one-on-one email support, guest workshops, feedback from my in-house experts on your marketing copy (think website, sales pages, product descriptions, press releases and more) + an exclusive and intimate in-person event with me.

I’m taking 16 people by application only to participate in an intensive and inspiring coaching experience unlike any other.

The Roxy Janceko Mastermind will give you unprecedented access to me as your coach and mentor along with 15 other highly successful, like-minded business women.

Women who want less bullsh*t, more action. Less negativity from the naysayers and more “yes! Let’s do it”- style support and positivity.

Smart, engergised, influential and successful women like you who work for what they want.

Program Details

The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind is a comprehensive, business mentoring and coaching experience delivered over 8 months.

Everything we do inside the Mastermind will be personalised based on your needs and your business.

And don’t worry, there are no lengthy curriculums to feel like you’re falling behind on.

Instead, each month there will be one focus theme to help give structure to your monthly goals. This will help to keep you on track to make tangible, meaningful change in your business.

You’ll receive a single page PDF with a summary of the core theme, prompts to help you form your monthly goals to work on ahead of our hotseat sessions (more on those soon)

Here are the areas we’re going to work on together to supercharge your personal and business development:

Personal Brand

  • Refine your story
  • Point of difference
  • Increase your visibility in your niche
  • Your legacy, your 'why', clearly and confidently articulate why should people work with you and buy from you
  • Marketing, PR & Events

    Overarching strategy, tactics (which includes social media), PR, events, market research

    1. Monthly Hot seats

    Why are hot seats so powerful?

    In short - because you not only get to ask questions and get insights from Roxy herself, you’ll also be able to access to the collective wisdom of your fellow Mastermind participants.

    The Mastermind Hotseats are going to help you:
    • Increase your focus so you’re working on the things that are going to move the needle for you in your business
    • Minimise distractions
    • Creating clear goals that align with your strengths
    • Commit to action
    • Be held accountable
    • Boost your confidence
    • Stop doubting yourself
    • Develop a ‘stop talking about it, start doing it’ mentality
    • Connections
    • Creative inspiration
    • Increasing your confidence
    • Tunnel vision in your own business
    • Stuck in the doing, the working ‘in’ your business. Your business runs you

    2. Roxy’s Monthly Tips, tricks, prompts and resources

    An exclusive one pager not available to anyone outside of the Mastermind that will guide you each month. Think a summary of the month’s focus topic, prompts and inspora

    3. Exclusive copy feedback

    4. Email Support from Roxy

    Yes, you read that right. As a Mastermind member, you can email Roxy

    BONUS - Guest Expert Workshops

    • 2 X hot seat calls a month: a Zoom session at a set time and day each fortnight with all mastermind participants where 1 or 2 business owners a session get all the focus on their questions, issues, ideas etc. This would be marketed as an exclusive opportunity to get 'Roxy's eyes and thoughts on your business" + the benefit of being in a close group of like-minded business owners to get feedback, ideas from them too etc.

    • Access to Roxy's Bootcamp suite of online courses.

    • 1 X copy feedback per member per month - expert eyes on one page of website copy or sales page, a press release, tag lines, pitches etc ( which I would do) Perhaps marketed as "one-on-one feedback from our agency copywriter", I'm more than happy to do this anonymously.

    • Email support for quick Q's - marketed as for "when you feel stuck, need a resource or advice on the next step". I could also do this but would be sent from you, a bit like when I used to write replies to emails you got years ago - super quick, personalised and helps members feel supported throughout the mastermind experience.

    • Opportunity for mastermind members to run a workshop - for example, if they're a designer, event planner, accountant - whatever it is, some other profession/service that the other members would get benefit from & it's a networking opportunity for the group of 'hand-selected' highly motivated mastermind members.

    • One key theme per month to focus on - could be marketing, personal brand, social presence, offer, confidence, strategy etc to give structure to their goals and improve their business month on month

    • Marketing themes inspiration PDF for email marketing, promos, social media posts, blogs etc to inspire them, give guidance and structure plus accountability

    The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind is for you if:

    • You know that you’re capable of so much more but feel stuck.
    • You’ve got a solid business but it’s not where you want it to be. Yet.
    • You’re committed and not afraid to work for it.
    • You take ownership of your successes and failures.
    • You want to launch a new product, scale your existing business or hit your new, big revenue goals.
    • You are openminded and OK with breaking the ‘rules’.
    • You resonate with Roxy’s

      no holds barred approach to life and business.

    On the other hand, if any of the following sounds like you, The Roxy Jacenko Mastermind likely isn’t the right fit:

    • You want someone else to do it for you.
    • When something goes wrong in your business, you automatically lay the blame on everyone and everything but you.
    • You’ve only just started your business or it’s still an idea and you haven’t proven the product/service market fit.
    • You want a cookie-cutter business.
    • You make excuses as to why your business isn’t where you want it to be.

    Given that you’re here, reading this now though, I get the feeling that you’re not the excuse-making, blame shifting type.

    Being a part of Roxy’s Mastermind means you’ll commit to working on your business.

    And this is where the magic happens.

    Because instead of being caught up in the day to day or working in your business, you’ll be making a clear commitment to getting sh*t done.

    Monthly, dedicated accountability time in our intimate group calls.
    This will give you momentum to make things happen in your business.
    No more sitting on ideas. No more procrastination. No more doubt.

    Joining the Mastermind will give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get Roxy’s eyes on your business.

    Roxy’s personal mentoring and speaking fees start at $25K/hour.

    The Mastermind will give you unprecedented access to Roxy.

    In addition to getting unprecedented access to Roxy as your business mentor, being a part of the Mastermind means you’ll be part of a small, exclusive community of like-minded business owners, CEOs and high-level creative entrepreneurs.

    If you're looking for a ‘chit-chatting over a glass of bubbles’ type of networking - this probably isn’t the group for you.

    I’ve designed the Mastermind experience to generate meaningful connections with like-minded, driven and highly influential business owners who will champion, refer, connect, and celebrate your wins.

    They’ll also hold you accountable. If you say you’re going to do something, the group and myself will be holding you to it.

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

    Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.