The Brand Bootcamp

is the ultimate online course to help you build a powerful brand.


If you’re tired of spending hours on your Instagram wondering why you’re not gaining followers, getting engagement on your posts or even showing up in your follower’s feeds...

I’ve got you covered.

Here's what our alumni have to say:

“I enrolled knowing this was going to be dynamite, with raw and real life experiences of small business before I even started. However it was more, I am so grateful to have this connection with Roxy and now her members providing a wealth of knowledge, thinking outside the square, product based industry expertise and sharing all the tips and tricks of small business with and us helping many startups and small business to thrive and grow even more. This has seen a major transformation in my business and for me personally.”

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“The course was fantastic, the videos were great, but the live Facebook chats turned out to be a surprising and invaluable addition too.

I feel more fearless, more courageous.”

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“I think Brand Bootcamp is full of information that is informative and actionable. It's one of the best courses for business and marketing that I have done to date. It makes sense and it's so true that without the hard work and non stop effort things unravel pretty fast.

I would highly recommend this course, and I would do another one of Roxy's courses in the future.”

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“I needed this course because social media and marketing/sales are my downfall. I have always been on the floor and in the trenches working with my staff and clients, and not on computers. I have had my biggest 7 days of sales since starting the course.

Thank you for the kick up the arse and the support from other members, it was needed after feeling so deflated in isolation.”

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