How Roxy’s Brand
Bootcamp Works

Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp is a four week online course, with 20 video lessons on all aspects of building a powerful brand.

You’ll need about 15-30 minutes a week to get through the videos — that’s the easy part.

In addition, each video comes with a worksheet where I walk you through how to apply the lesson to your brand. You’ll need to set aside at least another half-hour a week for these (plus the time spent actually implementing your plans).

Now let me be clear: if you want to build a powerful brand, this work is not optional.

In fact, you shouldn’t join the Brand Bootcamp if you can’t find the time to do this — because if you don’t do the work, this course won’t do you any good!

Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp is about taking action. By the time we’re done four weeks later, I want you to have a much stronger brand than you do now, AND a roadmap for building it even more. And if you can’t commit to an hour a week for four weeks to work on your brand, you need to ask if you’re really serious about this!

But if you’re ready to do the work, you’ll be stunned at just how far you can come in four weeks. 

Here’s a peek at what we’ll cover… 

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The Brand Bootcamp
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The Brand Bootcamp is the ultimate four-week online course to help you build a successful brand - with me as your host and teacher!

Your Ultimate Playbook

for Building a Brand

The Secret Benefits of
a Powerful Brand

The Course

Week by Week

Building Your Foundation

Trust me, no successful brand ever started out intending to become a ‘brand’. 

You need to build a strong foundation before you can start creating a powerful brand - whether that brand is personal or professional. 

So that’s what we’ll cover off in Week 1. You’ll discover:

  • How to differentiate your brand from anyone else in your market
  • An unusual trick I use to make one of my brands “Instagram-ready” so that my customers can’t help but share it on Instagram!
  • Why it’s actually not enough to be the best and offer the best product — and what else you need to take care of if you want a successful brand
  • A counterintuitive trick any service business can use to “give away” free money to customers … and then get it back double! (A restaurant did this to me and I was happy to end up paying them.)
  • The “dying person’s wallet” secret for becoming your customers’ first choice for who to spend their money with
  • 5 simple ways you can put in place as early as tonight to instantly improve your customer’s experience with your brand!
  • How to ‘flip’ people who complain about your brand into your most delighted customers, who gush about you on social media!
  • How to evolve your brand WITHOUT losing momentum. (Super important if you ever want to grow!)
  • The two types of Facebook posts that confuse your customers and make other brands less likely to work with you!
  • How to add new features to your offering without pissing off clients who love your regular offering!
  • How to turn criticism of your brand into a huge advantage
  • A simple trick for using your iPhone + a glossy magazine to improve your brand experience for customers!
  • 3 ways to get honest feedback that people won’t tell you any other way
  • The exact five seconds that make the difference between your customer sharing your brand on Instagram or leaving a 1-star review on your Facebook page
  • Why a contact form is a terrible way to ask people what they think … and what to use instead!
  • How to legally and ethically bribe people into giving you feedback when they don’t want to!

By the end of Week 1 you will:

Confidence and Networking

These are the two things I’m known for (and asked the most about) … and I think you’re going to be surprised by my advice.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Week 2:

  • How to manufacture instant confidence on demand … even if you’re not a naturally confident person, or you’re just feeling extra nervous!
  • The one question you must have an answer to before you go to a networking event
  • My six-word rule for guaranteeing you’ll never get caught short by a tricky question!
  • How to leave an indelible impression on everyone you meet so that they simply can’t forget you — even if they try!
  • How to find PR opportunities for your brand that nobody else will even notice (I do this all the time at Sweaty Betty — it’s one of my signatures!)
  • My three keys to getting people to part with their money or time for you
  • My (admittedly sneaky) ‘home team’ technique for ensuring you remain confident, calm and in control during meetings — do this BEFORE you arrange the meeting, and you’re basically guaranteed to get an automatic boost in confidence without doing a single thing different!
  • A simple way to permanently raise your baseline confidence (no mind tricks required)!
  • How to collaborate with other businesses to boost your audience
  • Why you should never go to a networking event before checking something on a map… 
  • The mistake that can ruin all the networking in the world — forget this one thing and your efforts are all for nothing!
  • 4 opportunities for networking right beneath your nose that you’ve probably never noticed
  • How to set your prices when you’re starting out!

At the end of Week 2 you will:

Community and Content

It can be so confusing to know where to start with building a community around your brand and creating content that resonates with them.

So how do you build a cult following and more importantly, keep them?

In Week 3 I’ll show you, along with…

  • How to use your local community to build your brand for next to nothing
  • How to build a huge following without using any bots or cheats!
  • Why “content is king” is wrong (and what actually is king)
  • My 3 strategies for creating amazing content that draws people into your brand, and leaves them feeling amazing after interacting with you
  • How to decide which pictures to post on your socials … and which to keep in the camera roll
  • The right way to post about new services or products on your social media
  • The 4 questions I use for working out which content to post where
  • Why you should be stalking your customers — for their own good!
  • Should you buy followers for your brand?
  • How to create your very own ‘cult following’! (Think of Apple fans who camp outside in pouring rain for days just to get an iPhone. Building a following like that for YOUR brand is one of the single most important things you can do — and while it takes a lot of hard work, it’s not impossible if you know how. I’ll show you all about how to build a following like that for yourself!) 

By the end of Week 3, you’ll know:

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

Most people would start a course like this with social media… but the truth is it’s just window decoration if you don’t have the foundations sorted yet.

But by the time you get to Week 4, you’ll have them sorted — and you’ll be ready to rock social!

Here’s what you’ll discover in Week 4… 

  • Advice you probably don’t expect from me: When you shouldn’t use Instagram in  your business!
  • Exactly how many social media platforms you should use (hint: it’s NOT all of them), and how to choose which ones
  • Why not to post the same thing on two social media platforms
  • Exactly how many times you should post per day on social
  • The scientific reason you should never post a colourful video in the morning!
  • When to post on social media to tap into your market’s subconscious at the time they’re psychologically most likely to buy
  • The six “social media sins” that will get you unfollowed
  • The one thing to focus on that will “social media-proof” your business, no matter what new trends or fads come in
  • One time 1,000 followers are actually better than 1,000,000… 
  • My insiders’ guide to using influencers to boost your brand
  • Why I’m already thinking about life after Instagram … and why I recommend you do the same!
  • The biggest mistake you can make on social media (and it has nothing to do with writing an embarrassing post!)
  • Why working with big influencers can actually be BAD for your brand!

After your final week of Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp you will:

Plus: Get My Personal Help Building Your Brand!

When you join Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp, you’ll be invited to my exclusive Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp HQ on Facebook.

Past students have told me the chance to connect with fellow students for support and encouragement was invaluable. 

But it gets even better:

Over the duration of the Bootcamp, you’ll also get invited to four private Q&A sessions with me to ask questions about how to apply the material to you.

Think of it as having me on hand, personally using my 15+ years of experience to help build YOUR brand!

Honestly? This course is the only way you can get this kind of access to me AND what I know.

Here's what our alumni have to say:

I enrolled knowing this was going to be dynamite, with raw and real life experiences of small business before I even started. However it was more, I am so grateful to have this connection with Roxy and now her members providing a wealth of knowledge, thinking outside the square, product based industry expertise and sharing all the tips and tricks of small business with and us helping many startups and small business to thrive and grow even more. This has seen a major transformation in my business and for me personally.

Kylie Wiblen, Mae Laine Skin + Soul

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Coral Johnston, Corston Couture

I think Brand Bootcamp is full of information that is informative and actionable. It's one of the best courses for business and marketing that I have done to date. It makes sense and it's so true that without the hard work and non stop effort things unravel pretty fast.

I would highly recommend this course, and I would do another one of Roxy's courses in the future.

Marylou Sobel

I needed this course because social media and marketing/sales are my downfall. I have always been on the floor and in the trenches working with my staff and clients, and not on computers. I have had my biggest 7 days of sales since starting the course.

Thank you for the kick up the arse and the support from other members, it was needed after feeling so deflated in isolation.

Samantha Harvey, Kiakora Australia

How to Decide if Roxy’s Brand
Bootcamp is Right For You


Roxy's Brand Bootcamp is a four week online course with me as your host and teacher! 
Each week contains video lessons and PDF worksheets you can use to put my lessons into action. You'll also have access to the private Roxy's Brand Bootcamp Facebook group where I'll be hosting a weekly live Q&A and answering your questions.
Best of all, you'll have access to the course for 12months and can revisit it or just work at your own pace!

The Brand Bootcamp is $299 AUD.  I sold tickets to my last ever live event earlier this year. And you know how much tickets were7 Between $232 and $520 for 3 hours with me.
This course gets you access to me for 4 whole weeks, with videos you can watch on your own schedule, and a whole bunch of resources you can access anytime you want for 12 months.
Plus you'll have access to the exclusive Roxy's Brand Bootcamp Facebook group where you can connect with me and your fellow students for support and advice!

We also offer a payment plan through Humm - where you can get access to the Brand Bootcamp right away and pay over time, with no interest ever! Simply sign up for Brand Bootcamp, choose weekly or fortnightly payments and once accepted, you'll get access to the course right away (T&Cs apply).

Yes1 All the lessons are hosted and taught by me1
We will also have an exclusive Roxy's Brand Bootcamp Facebook group where I will be checking in with you on the regular.
PLUS I'll be hosting a weekly live Q&A in the group where you will be able to ask all your questions!

No problem! Roxy's Brand Bootcamp is designed for anyone who wants to create a powerful brand - personal or professional.
So, whether you're an influencer, trying to establish a name for yourself in the industry or just want to take control of your own personal brand (which is SO important these days) the course will work for you1
It's also brilliant for anyone wanting to get into PR, marketing, social media management or the influencer space. There is no type of business or career that can't be improved by better branding.

Whether you're in PR or a plumber, Roxy's Brand Bootcamp will help you create a powerful brand that stands out from the crowd. The principles I'll be teaching you are pretty universal, and don't depend on what industry you're in.
That being said - you know I'm a firm believer in the hustle, but I'm also fair - so you have 7 days to try my course out, do the week's activities, and if it's not working for you - send my team an email at and we'll organise a full refund.

No - you will have access to the course for 12 months1 How's that for value?1 While the course will run for 4 weeks, you don't have to complete the course within that time. Jump out and jump back in whenever you feel like it - the course will be waiting for you1 

Get in touch with me and the team at and we'll get back to you ASAP1