Want to build a brand that’s the envy of your competition and gain a loyal following of devoted fans in the process? Then you're in luck!

What if four weeks from now you could have the knowledge and clarity to:

  • Instantly stand out from your competitors — and even steal their best customers away from them?
  • Develop the confidence to do anything you want, even if you’re terrified of promoting yourself?
  • Build a loyal following of adoring fans who want to buy everything you offer, and rave about your brand to their friends

Then my course The Brand Bootcamp is going to show you exactly how to do it!

Here’s what you’ll get in The Brand Bootcamp:

Whether you’re just getting started with a new brand, already have a side hustle or you've got an established business you're working on full-time, The Brand Bootcamp can help.

This four-week program will give you the knowledge and support you need for success.


Get access to my insider’s guide to gain the skills and knowledge you need to build a cult following of people who love you, rave about you and buy from you.

All course materials including streaming HD video, worksheets and bonus extras are within our online member platform that you can access on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Okay, so...

The Course

Week by Week

Building Your Foundation

Trust me, no successful brand ever started out intending to become a ‘brand’. 

You need to build a strong foundation before you can start creating a powerful brand - whether that brand is personal or professional. 

So that’s what we’ll cover off in Week 1. You’ll discover:

  • How to differentiate your brand from anyone else in your market
  • An unusual trick I use to make one of my brands “Instagram-ready” so that my customers can’t help but share it on Instagram!
  • Why it’s actually not enough to be the best and offer the best product — and what else you need to take care of if you want a successful brand
  • A counterintuitive trick any service business can use to “give away” free money to customers … and then get it back double! (A restaurant did this to me and I was happy to end up paying them.)
  • The “dying person’s wallet” secret for becoming your customers’ first choice for who to spend their money with
  • 5 simple ways you can put in place as early as tonight to instantly improve your customer’s experience with your brand!
  • How to ‘flip’ people who complain about your brand into your most delighted customers, who gush about you on social media!
  • How to evolve your brand WITHOUT losing momentum. (Super important if you ever want to grow!)
  • The two types of Facebook posts that confuse your customers and make other brands less likely to work with you!
  • How to add new features to your offering without pissing off clients who love your regular offering!
  • How to turn criticism of your brand into a huge advantage
  • A simple trick for using your iPhone + a glossy magazine to improve your brand experience for customers!
  • 3 ways to get honest feedback that people won’t tell you any other way
  • The exact five seconds that make the difference between your customer sharing your brand on Instagram or leaving a 1-star review on your Facebook page
  • Why a contact form is a terrible way to ask people what they think … and what to use instead!
  • How to legally and ethically bribe people into giving you feedback when they don’t want to!

By the end of Week 1 you will:

Confidence and Networking

These are the two things I’m known for (and asked the most about) … and I think you’re going to be surprised by my advice.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Week 2:

  • How to manufacture instant confidence on demand … even if you’re not a naturally confident person, or you’re just feeling extra nervous!
  • The one question you must have an answer to before you go to a networking event
  • My six-word rule for guaranteeing you’ll never get caught short by a tricky question!
  • How to leave an indelible impression on everyone you meet so that they simply can’t forget you — even if they try!
  • How to find PR opportunities for your brand that nobody else will even notice (I do this all the time at Sweaty Betty — it’s one of my signatures!)
  • My three keys to getting people to part with their money or time for you
  • My (admittedly sneaky) ‘home team’ technique for ensuring you remain confident, calm and in control during meetings — do this BEFORE you arrange the meeting, and you’re basically guaranteed to get an automatic boost in confidence without doing a single thing different!
  • A simple way to permanently raise your baseline confidence (no mind tricks required)!
  • How to collaborate with other businesses to boost your audience
  • Why you should never go to a networking event before checking something on a map… 
  • The mistake that can ruin all the networking in the world — forget this one thing and your efforts are all for nothing!
  • 4 opportunities for networking right beneath your nose that you’ve probably never noticed
  • How to set your prices when you’re starting out!

At the end of Week 2 you will:

Community and Content

It can be so confusing to know where to start with building a community around your brand and creating content that resonates with them.

So how do you build a cult following and more importantly, keep them?

In Week 3 I’ll show you, along with…

  • How to use your local community to build your brand for next to nothing
  • How to build a huge following without using any bots or cheats!
  • Why “content is king” is wrong (and what actually is king)
  • My 3 strategies for creating amazing content that draws people into your brand, and leaves them feeling amazing after interacting with you
  • How to decide which pictures to post on your socials … and which to keep in the camera roll
  • The right way to post about new services or products on your social media
  • The 4 questions I use for working out which content to post where
  • Why you should be stalking your customers — for their own good!
  • Should you buy followers for your brand?
  • How to create your very own ‘cult following’! (Think of Apple fans who camp outside in pouring rain for days just to get an iPhone. Building a following like that for YOUR brand is one of the single most important things you can do — and while it takes a lot of hard work, it’s not impossible if you know how. I’ll show you all about how to build a following like that for yourself!) 

By the end of Week 3, you’ll know:

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

Most people would start a course like this with social media… but the truth is it’s just window decoration if you don’t have the foundations sorted yet.

But by the time you get to Week 4, you’ll have them sorted — and you’ll be ready to rock social!

Here’s what you’ll discover in Week 4… 

  • Advice you probably don’t expect from me: When you shouldn’t use Instagram in  your business!
  • Exactly how many social media platforms you should use (hint: it’s NOT all of them), and how to choose which ones
  • Why not to post the same thing on two social media platforms
  • Exactly how many times you should post per day on social
  • The scientific reason you should never post a colourful video in the morning!
  • When to post on social media to tap into your market’s subconscious at the time they’re psychologically most likely to buy
  • The six “social media sins” that will get you unfollowed
  • The one thing to focus on that will “social media-proof” your business, no matter what new trends or fads come in
  • One time 1,000 followers are actually better than 1,000,000… 
  • My insiders’ guide to using influencers to boost your brand
  • Why I’m already thinking about life after Instagram … and why I recommend you do the same!
  • The biggest mistake you can make on social media (and it has nothing to do with writing an embarrassing post!)
  • Why working with big influencers can actually be BAD for your brand!

After your final week of Roxy’s Brand Bootcamp you will:

Get Started Now!

Doors close on Sunday 3rd September for all enrolments, and The Brand Bootcamp kicks off on Monday 4th September.

The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
Regular price $249.00
Build a brand that makes people recognise you, rave about you, and buy from you with The Brand Bootcamp by Roxy Jacenko.

When you enrol in The Brand Bootcamp you'll also receive these extra bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Social Media Checklist (worth $49)
    Optimise your social media profiles and the content you post to make the most out of every visit from a potential customer with my social media checklist
  • Bonus 2: The Ministry of Talent Influencer Outreach Checklist (worth $49)
    Get my top tips for using influencers to promote your brand, straight out of the playbook for my own influencer agency, The Ministry of Talent
  • Bonus 3: The Comprehensive Run-Down of Instagram Insights (worth $49)
    The only guide you will ever need to help you understand insights and how to use insights data to level-up your strategy and results on Instagram
  • Bonus 4: Content Creation Ideas for Any Industry (worth $99)
    Stuck for content creation ideas for your account? Get my list of ideas to help kickstart your creativity and create Instagrammable content your audience loves.
  • Bonus 5: Top Performing Hashtags & Inspiration (worth $99)
    Get my list of 100+ hashtags that you can use for inspiration for your own hashtag strategy
  • Bonus 6: Goal Roadmap (worth $59)
    Create a personalised roadmap on how to achieve your personal and professional goals – Roxy style!

Plus: Get My Personal Help Building Your Brand!

When you join The Brand Bootcamp, you’ll be invited to the exclusive Brand Bootcamp HQ on Facebook.

Past students have told me the chance to connect with fellow students for support and encouragement was invaluable.

But it gets even better:

Over the duration of the Bootcamp, you’ll also get invited to four private Q&A sessions with me to ask questions about how to apply the material to you.

Think of it as having me on hand, personally using my 19+ years of experience to help build YOUR brand!

Honestly? This course is the only way you can get this kind of access to me AND what I know.

Here’s the timing of the program:

Enrolments for The Brand Bootcamp are open through to midnight AEST on September 3rd, 2023. The course is 4 weeks and runs from Monday 4th September – Sunday 1st October, 2023.

Once the initial 4 weeks are over and all content has been released, you’ll have access to the entire library of course material inside the member platform to revisit and access as often as you like – and for up to 12 months after your enrolment.

The Brand Bootcamp is 100% online so you can participate anywhere, anytime, whenever suits you best.

Go through the material each week as it’s released, or slow things down and work on your own schedule. It’s up to you.

And if you're not 100% satisfied, neither am I...

I completely understand that taking a leap of faith in yourself and your business is a big deal.

And I am confident that The Brand Bootcamp is the ultimate tool to help you level up and grow your brand. I know that if you're serious about transforming your brand into what you've always dreamed it could be, this course will absolutely deliver the guidance and support you need to do just that.

And that's why I'm offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, you have 7 days to try the course out, do the week's activities and if it's just not right for you, simply get in touch and I'll organise a full refund.

Let’s be clear –
here’s exactly what you get when you sign up:

  • The Brand Bootcamp Core Course Material

    The four-week course material has taken 16+ years, seven businesses and thousands of dollars for me to learn, refine and package for you in easy-to-follow lessons. This includes HD video content and PDF worksheets to help you put your learning into action.

($2,000 Value)

  • Bonus Extra Resources, Checklists and Templates

    If you’ve ever spent hours online looking for checklists or templates to make life your busy business like easier, you’ll understand how valuable these bonus extras are.

($400 Value)

  • 4 x Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Roxy

    Ask me your questions each week and I’ll give you my best answers and insights from 16 years and seven businesses!

($2,000 Value)

  • An Instant Like-Minded Community

    Get instant access to a community of like-minded business owners and professionals for support, feedback and guidance.


  • Dedicated Team for Mentoring and Support

    My trusted team is on standby for the whole four-week course period to give you support, guidance and feedback throughout the course.

($1,000 Value)

Total Value of The Brand Bootcamp: $5,400

Total Investment for The Brand Bootcamp: $249

Ready to get started?

Doors close on Sunday 3rd September for all enrolments, and The Brand Bootcamp kicks off on Monday 4th September.

The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
Regular price $249.00
Build a brand that makes people recognise you, rave about you, and buy from you with The Brand Bootcamp by Roxy Jacenko.

What sets The Brand Bootcamp apart?

1. Supportive Community

When you join The Brand Bootcamp, you get instant access to a community of like-minded students and the exclusive student Facebook group to share your wins, get support and guidance.

2. Tested, Proven Results

I’ve spent the past 19+ years working in PR, media and marketing. And now, 7 businesses and 250,000+ followers down the track, I’m sharing my secrets to the results that I see every day.

3. Learn from the Best

Train with someone who has spent the last 16 years dominating the PR world, and the past 10 in social media. What you’ll learn in The Brand Bootcamp isn’t theory, it’s experience.

4. 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 7 days from the course start date you feel The Brand Bootcamp isn’t for you, simply submit your coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund.

The Brand Bootcamp is right for you if…

  • You’re ready and willing to put in the work each week to get through the course work AND implement what you’ve learnt to level up your brand

  • You’re serious about transforming your brand into what you’ve always dreamed it could be

  • You’re an independent learner who’s ready to take action without a lot of hand-holding

  • Believe that focus, discipline and hard work are fundamental to success

The Brand Bootcamp isn’t right for you if…

  • You prefer 1:1 coaching or mentoring

  • Are looking for a set and forget system to building your brand and business

  • Aren’t ready to put in the work each week to really dive into the course lessons and put what you’ve learnt into action


Whether you’re in PR or you’re a plumber, The Brand Bootcamp will help you create a powerful business that stands out from the crowd. The principles I’ll be teaching you are pretty universal and don’t depend on what industry you’re in.

That being said, I want to be fair to you. So, you have 7 days to try the course out, do the week’s activities and it’s just not the right for you, simply get in touch with me and the team at info@roxysbootcamp.com and we’ll organise a full refund.

Trust me, I understand how difficult it can be to fit something else into a busy schedule! That’s why the course is entirely self-paced, so you can fit it in around your life. If you can set aside 1-2 hours a week, you’ll be able to make real progress. If you get busy, or life just gets in the way, you’ll have lifetime access to come back and jump back in whenever works for you.

Not at all! The course does roll out over four weeks, but it isn’t live. Once the lessons for each week become available, you’re free to work through the content in your own time and at your own pace. And to make it even easier, you’ll get an email from me at the start of each week where you’ll find everything you need to get going.

While the live course does run for 4 weeks, as soon as you sign up for the course you have access for life! That’s right – you’ll get access to every single resource inside The Brand Bootcamp forever!

Enrolments for The Brand Bootcamp are open through to midnight AEDT on September 3rd, 2023 The course runs for 4 weeks, from September 4th – October 1st 2023.

Yes – you absolutely can do the course if you haven’t done any of my other courses. While The Brand Bootcamp has been designed to complement and follow on from my previous courses, it’s not a pre-requisite (meaning… you don’t HAVE to have done it to sign up for The Brand Bootcamp).

Get in touch with me and the team at info@roxysbootcamp.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!

If you’ve read this far…

You owe it to yourself to answer these questions honestly:

What if just one tip in The Brand Bootcamp…
Helps you build a brand that can reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers or clients?

What if just one answer from Roxy in a live Q&A?
Shifts your perspective and gives you a major breakthrough on your brand strategy?

What if just one connection made in the exclusive Facebook group?
Leads to a new, exciting opportunity to partner with a lifelong supporter?

What could changes like that be worth to you over a lifetime?
$5,000? $10,000? Or more?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
You just have to make the decision.

Ready to get started?

Doors close on Sunday 3rd of September for all enrolments, and The Brand Bootcamp kicks off on Monday 4th of September.

The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
The Brand Bootcamp | September 2023
Regular price $249.00
Build a brand that makes people recognise you, rave about you, and buy from you with The Brand Bootcamp by Roxy Jacenko.