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Here's what our Roxy's Bootcamp alumni have to say:

I just wanted to say thank you. I am loving the course so far. The zooms are great. You are really engaging and generous with your time and knowledge. 

Megan, Help at Hand Education

'I did your Bootcamp at the start of my business journey. After completing the course it gave me the confidence to reach out to anyone and everyone

Kay, Founder of OiTO HAIRCARE

I have been stoked doing the Bootcamp’s. I love the short sharp way they are delivered, and I always get nuggets of gold from them.  Yes we are a charity, but we are also a business we are just in the business of making a difference!  Having now completed both courses I can say they have helped tremendously with clarity and intent.

Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share The Dignity

I needed this course because social media and marketing/sales are my downfall. I have always been on the floor and in the trenches working with my staff and clients, and not on computers. I have had my biggest 7 days of sales since starting the course.

Thank you for the kick up the arse and the support from other members, it was needed after feeling so deflated in isolation.

Samantha Harvey, Kaikora Australia

I thought it's a fitting time to reach out, as a Thanks to your Brand Bootcamp, our team have been busy working in the background on our rebranding . The course was definitely an inspiration for what we needed to take our brand to the next level. That being said, all your courses we completed over the past 2 years have certainly helped shape the business we are today, so a big thank you !

Natalie, Director of Teta's Bites

I enrolled knowing this was going to be dynamite, with raw and real life experiences of small business before I even started. However it was more, I am so grateful to have this connection with Roxy and now her members providing a wealth of knowledge, thinking outside the square, product based industry expertise and sharing all the tips and tricks of small business with and us helping many startups and small business to thrive and grow even more. This has seen a major transformation in my business and for me personally.

Kylie Wiblen, Mae Laine Skin + Soul

I loved the course, i took everything in and am now busy actioning it!

Jacqui Young, Expat Living

I think Brand Bootcamp is full of information that is informative and actionable. It's one of the best courses for business and marketing that I have done to date. It makes sense and it's so true that without the hard work and non stop effort things unravel pretty fast.

I would highly recommend this course, and I would do another one of Roxy's courses in the future.

Marylou Sobel

If you care about the future of your brand and business you need to sign up. The content that you get in Roxy's course is invaluable and lasts a lifetime! After taking The Marketing Bootcamp I have clarity in the direction I should be taking my brand/business in.

Rachael Fisher, Strength Nutrition